The best clean renewable technologies now or continue an over reliance on heavily polluting, high carbon fossil fuel power generation, non-sustainable hydro power projects or a dependence on risky and costly nuclear power.
Greater Mekong countries have a unique and timely opportunity to become leaders in clean, renewable Electricity, Renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, water, geothermal, biomass, and ocean energy abound in the region and are increasingly becoming more affordable, more available and more efficient.

GBS VPS a  partners in all over Pakistan have developed a vision for renewable energy in the Greater Mekong Region that lays out a road map for a future run entirely on renewable Energy by 2050.

Through a regional plan , The authors of this vision set  out sensible,cost effective solutions to some of the region’s most taxing energy problems. The goal is to spur a regional and global debate, as well as concrete actions, leading to an achievable, affordable renewable energy future in the Greater Pakistan.